About us

Matrix help private organisations, local councils and other Government bodies deliver and maintain vital services by supplying temporary, interim and permanent staff. Under a primary contractor managed service model, Matrix will contract directly with customers, and in turn will enter into sub-contract arrangements with suppliers.

Matrix currently partners with 80 public and private sector organisations across the UK, who are using our technology and processes to procure £300m of temporary staffing services per annum. Each and every week, local recruitment suppliers interact with our technology and are responsible for the provision of 15,000 temporary workers to our customers across a broad range of different skills categories.

We believe recruitment should be reliable, simple, fast - and save money wherever possible. We help our clients reduce their year-on-year temporary staff spend by 8-12%, delivering average annual savings of £30,000,000. Most of these savings are made by removing the need for people to call and negotiate with multiple recruiters. We use technology to scour as many as 6,000 UK-based agencies, which significantly speeds the process up while keeping costs low.

Our customers buy workers through us because we introduce a process, supported by technology that makes buying much more effective, efficient, consistent and controlled.

About our Demand Site

The Matrix Demand site supports customers in establishing long-term and sustainable local supply chains.

Suppliers who are considering providing services to Matrix customers, are able to view each individual customers historic and future demand for services, and then use this information in order to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to form part of the customers supply chain.